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Adam Gadahn Arrested: American al Qaeda Adam Gadahn Arrested in Pakistan

Everytime I think about Adam Gadahn, I think of a story I read of his younger brother trying to live and get beyond his brother's reputation while attending school. Today we hear that Adam Gadah (Azzam the American and Azzam al-Amereeki and Abu Yahya Mujahdeed Al-Adam) has been arrested in Pakistan. While we always have to wait for confirmation, and acknowledge that the report could be incorrect, it is good to think this man is under arrest. Updates below. Apparently Adam Gadahn has not been apprehended.  Update 3-8-10: Maybe it is Gadahn!!! See below. IT'S NOT GADAHN!

From Dawn.com - Allegedly Adam Gadahn "en sack"

Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn (31) is a close associate to Osama bin Laden, and is considered the American spokesperson for al-Qaeda. There were numerous previous reports that he was dead, all of which turned out to be false. This report says Gadahn was arrested by "security and commando forces" in Pakistan. Gadahn was indicted for treason in 2006 for a capital crime of aiding an enemy of the United States.

The New York Daily News reports that Karachi's English-language newspaper, The Dawn, was the first report of the arrest and broke the story showing "a photo of a man being taken away with a bag on his head."

Gadahn moved in with his grandparents in Santa Ana, California, and began the study of Islam at the Islamic Society of Orange County, California. He converted one year later. His paternal grandfather, Carl Perlman, was a Jewish zionist. Adam's parents, Phil and Jennifer Perlman reportedly changed their name from Perlman to Gadahn after the Biblical warrior Gideon. The report linked above from the NY Daily News refers to Phil Gadahn as a "hippie." Adam is believed to have moved in with his grandparents when he was 17, but it is not clear which set of grandparents.
Gadahn reportedly moved to Pakistan in 1998, where he married an Afghan refugee and maintained intermittent contact with his family.

Adam Gadahn in 1997 mugshot

Gadahn recently made news, according to Katherine Herridge, reporting on FOXNews, saying Major Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood killer, was a hero and will be blessed by Allah. This comment  is seen as significant in that it lowers the bar for martyrdom, and Gadahn essentially told Muslims they need not die in the quest to kill Westerners to receive the blessings of Allah. He has repeatedly been seen, or his voice heard, in al-Qaeda videos. In the video below, Gadahn speaks English at about 1:10 minutes in. I'll have more as updates are available.

Update 3-7-10:
Three sources are reporting Gadahn is not in custody:

Ace of Spades

Update 3-8-10
See this update from Cassy Fiano at Stop the ACLU - here's a snippet:
There’s been confusion over whether or not Gadahn is who was captured. It seems that if it wasn’t Gadahn, then it was some other American traitor who deserves to get executed mercilessly. The AP has updated their story, and Pakistani officials are saying that an American who has been charged with treason was captured. Sounds like Gadahn, right? But US officials haven’t confirmed the story.
Also, extraordinarily savvy newshound, Larwyn, said this about 10 PM EST last night (Sunday):

Adam Gadahn - American al-Qaeda

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