Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Douglas Schantz Found Dead in Mississippi River: Schantz Death Not Foul Play

Reports out today that the body of Douglas Schantz, CEO of Houston's Sequent Energy Management, has been pulled from the Mississippi River and officially identified. After Schantz became separated from his colleagues at the Razoo Bar and Patio in New Orleans' French Quarter, security cameras showed him leaving the bar about 2 AM.  Security cameras a few blocks away showed Schantz entering a restricted area at the Mississippi River. He seemed disoriented, and the belief is he may have had too much to drink and fell into the river.

From ABC New Orleans:
Searching through videos from businesses in the French Quarter, police were able to place Schantz at the dock for the Riverboat Natchez at about 2:40 a.m. on Friday.

Police Superintendent Warren Riley said Tuesday that Schantz, who left the Razzoo Bar and Patio about 2 a.m. Friday, was seen walking on a 2-foot walkway by the river.
"We're not certain, but it appears Mr. Schantz may have fallen into the river," Police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

Riley says the man, who had been drinking, seemed disoriented on the videos. He is seen going into a restricted area and is not seen again on the video, despite a review of the following four hours of tape, Riley said.

It does not seem that Schantz was the victim of foul play, which had earlier been suspected, Riley said.
"At no point in that 36 minutes was he ever approached or accompanied by any individual," Riley said.

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