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Eric Holder Charles Grassley: The Al Qaeda Nine: Megyn Kelly Charles Grassly DOJ Video

Attorney General Eric Holder hired nine lawyers who previously defended accused al Qaeda members. These lawyers now work out of the Department of Justice. The DOJ has not been forthcoming with the names of the lawyers or the cases they are connected to. If it was proper to defend accused al Qaeda in private practice, why should their names not be released? So what is DOJ hiding? We have the right to know. Fill our Justice Department with jihadist sympathizers, and we have the right to know. See a current Megyn Kelly video below.

Eric Holder and Barack Obama

The third ranking Associate Attorney General, Thomas J. Perrelli recused himself from 39 cases of terrorist detainees because he had had participated in prior proceedings before coming to Justice, or had in some way been affiliated with - 39 cases, an astonishing number. Whole careers are being made by defending those wanting to attack our country.

Perelli, you'll remember, allowed the case against the New Black Panthers to drop, even with considerable eyewitness evidence, and a video, that voter intimidation took place at a Philadelphia polling place. The three New Black Panthers involved were Muslim, as are the detainees.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IW), joined by fellow Republican members of the Judiciary Committee,  requested the names of all detainee cases from which DOJ attorneys were recused, along with the names of the lawyers defending them. Three months later Grassley received a letter from a Holder aide, Ronald Welch, filled with what Grassley characterized as "bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo that failed to answer" his simple questions. The press had reported the names of Neal Katyal, who represented Osama bin Laden's drive and Jennifer Kaskal who worked for Human Rights Watch.

Welch told Grassley at least nine lawyers at DOJ represented detainees or worked on amicus briefs on the behalf of detainees, but provided names for only two.

Grassley's response:
The country has the right to know what the predilections of people in the Ustice Department are toward terrorism, especially if they're giving constitutional rights to terrorists. To me, this is a case of our public servants or political appointees having an agenda of their own instead of being concerned with the national security of the United States.
This letter [from Welch] creates a lot of suspicion about conflicts of interest. Without the names and details, we have a reason to question what's really going on here.
This from the Washington Times:
Here's what we do know: In March, the Legal Times named 14 Justice Department lawyers whose firms at leaset did significant detainee work and who therefore might need recusals in specific cases. They included Mr. Holder himself, Mr. Perrelli, then-Deputy Attorney General David J. Ogden, and a list of mid-to-high-ranking underlings that includes lawyers James Garland, John Bies, Aaron Lewis, Stuart Delery, Eric Columbus, Chad Golder, Bran Hauck,Donald Verrilli, Lanny Breuer, Tony West and Neal Katyal.
Mr. Grassley added the name of Jennifer Daskal, who was known as a particularly avid promoter of the terrorist detainees.
The DOJ held the information close and revealed little. According to the New York Times, Holder has not been helpful.
Mr. [Eric] Columbus, himself, not just someone from his former law firm, was an attorney of record in portions of the landmark case of Boumediene v. Bush where a divided Supreme Court ruled that detainees so enjoy access to U.S. Courts.

This is important because Mr. Columbus' job as senior counsel for the deputy attorney general gives him some supervisory authority over both the Criminal and National Security divisions of the Justice Department - the very divisions involved with deciding how to handle the detainees.
The Washington Times speculates that another of the unnamed lawyers is Jonathan G. Cederbaum who worked on the Boumediene case.

Holder insists that there is nothing unusual about an attorney once defending an opposing side, now contributing to the prosecutorial side, but this is different. This is about national security, and it a place we haven't been before. Eric Holder has been at war with America since he took office - and maybe before.

Grassley tells Megyn Kelly, if they do not provide the names "they are going to regret it." You'll hear that there is a $500 million budget to do something with these terrorists - or not.

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