Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FAA at JFK: Child Directs JFK Air Traffic: Child Air Traffic Controller

Did you fly in or out of JFK on February 17th? A child's voice was heard directing air traffic in a recording from the JFK control tower, one of the busiest airports in the world. How bizarre is that? It wasn't even an official "take your kid to work" day.

 Child Directs Air Traffic at JFK

In a recording that has been confirmed as genuine by the Federal Aviation Administration, the child makes five transmissions from John F Kennedy International Airport - with the pilots in each case all responding enthusiastically to him.

One conversation between the tower at JFK Airport in New York and a pilot goes as follows:

JFK TOWER: Jet Blue 171 contact departure.

PILOT: Over to departure Jet Blue 1717, awesome job.

The child appears to be supervised with a controller explaining the reason for the young voice to the pilot.

JFK TOWER: That's what you get guys when the kids are out of school. (laugh)
Employees involved in the incident are no longer at Tower controls, pending investigation. The union said they do not condone the behavior and this is not indicative of normal procedure.

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