Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kansas City Closes 29 of 61 Schools: Massive Waste Brings KC Schools to an End

The Kansas City, Missouri school system received $2 BILLION dollars to desegregate (integrate) their inner-city schools. They did everything but integrate and teach, and now 29 of 61 schools are approved for closure. One school built an Olympic sized swimming pool, another a recording studio, yet another a "high-profile" fencing program.

How pitiful is this? The superintendent and administration should be behind bars:

The district went on a buying spree that included a six-lane indoor track and a moct court complete with a judge's chamber and jury deliberation room. But student achievement remained low....
Two billion dollars wasted to integrate these inner city schools. Think of the math and science skills that could have been taught for $2 Billion.

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