Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live Blogging Bret Baier's Interview with President Obama

Bret Baier interviewed Barack Obama in the Blue Room, live, just a few minutes ago. Obama filibustered the complete time. He was rude, exceptionally rude and answered not a single question with anything passing for an answer.

Obama had his talking points and was determined not to let Bret Baier do an interview. But Bret did it anyway, and kept Obama on the defense. Baier let the President know he was filibustering, and used the "f" word (filibuster.) Bret clearly showed that Obama did not have answers or knew that he could not divulge the real plan.

The following are my notes - incomplete for the entire interview.

Bret Baier: Do you support deem and pass?

Obama: There is now a proposal by me - good package on the substance. I don't spend much time on the procedural rules. The vote that is taken in the House for health care reform, whatever that vote is it, will be a vote for health care reform. The American people care about premiums going up 20% - 30%.

Bret Baier: Fox got 18,000 emails with questions. One wants to know if this bill is so good, why all the arm twisting and parliamentary tricks...why bribe people to get it passed?

Obama: Bret I get letterts too...yada yada yada

Bret: Back to my original question: so you support the deem and pass rule?

Obama: Whatever they are voting on, it it will be a vote for or against health care reform

Bret: You called for "courage." At the same time Pelosi was saying she likes deem and pass. Is that what you call "courage."

Obama: no real answer

Bret: As a Senator you said with the 50+1 vote (simple majority) you can't govern. Do you feel like you can still govern if you pass the bill with 50+ 1 votes?

No real answer.

Bret: Mr. President, Deem and Pass, Senate Reconciliation, and we still don't know what is in the bill.

Obama: By the time it is passed, I will know what is in it, and you will know, because it will be online.
Everybody knows what is in the bill.

Bret: Is Connecticut in? 100M for the hospital? Is Montana in for asbestos?

Obama doesn't know. Can't answer.

Bret: On Monday you praised the CBO. This proposal makes medicare stronger and more secure
The CBO says the $500B you are going to save in Medicare is not being spent on Medicare, so which is it?

Obama: We are spending less on Medicare which will strengthen it.

Bret: CBO says cuts cannot be simultaneously cut and used for something else. So you don't buy the CBO or the Actuary? You can't say you are saving on medicare and then spend the money twice

Obama: What I do agree with is you can take the savings and put it back into Medicare for drug prescriptions, rather than to insurance companies.

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