Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Massa Groping Charges Now Dropped: Who Drops Groping Accusations After Only One Week?

Yesterday as Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) and Glenn Beck plodded through a daft interview designed to set the record straight: why did Massa suddenly resign his House seat? Did he do anything inappropriate with staffers at all, as staffers charged? Did he do anything illegal at all, and did Democrats threaten him, or try to make deals - did they try to buy his health care vote, and what's this about Massa and Rahm Emanuel in the House shower? See video below.

Just a day earlier, Massa was claiming that Democrats wanted him out and would say and do anything to discredit him. But on Beck, Massa pointed no fingers, except at Rahm Emanuel. He blamed himself for everything.

Massa said nothing illegal had happened. He inappropriately tickled a staffer - touseled his hair, etc. and he didn't mention this report about "interns." Rahm Emanuel absolutely did walk up naked in the House showers, poke him the chest and advised him how to vote on some past issue, Massa said, but he didn't mention on Beck that he and 5 staffers shared a Washington, D.C. townhouse.

Over and over he smiled and took responsibility for his actions. Over and over. It was odd, because just one day earlier Massa was blaming more than a few people (see the video below).

One week ago the House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into the inappropriate groping with staffers. Just one week ago...and today, with Massa gone, the charges are also gone and the Ethics Committee has closed the case.

So what about the staffers? They said they were "groped." Were they? If they were, is the House so willing to let this go? Doesn't the People's House always protect staffers from sexual predators? I don't know the truth of the story, but who dismisses sexual harrassment charges in one week - unless the charges were made up to get Massa the heck out the way. Or maybe, more is on the way and Democrats simply don't need this strange man bouncing off the walls of Congress.

Eric Massa - Democrats will do and say anything to pass health care (video)

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