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Meghan McCain Laura Ingraham: Meghan drags out the Kiss My Ass Again on The View

She is the daughter of John and Cindy McCain. She calls herself a "progressive Republican." Her Dad calls himself a conservative Republican. Neither are either.

Meghan McCain and John McCain

Last year, in the Daily Beast article linked below, from the set of The View - on air - she told Laura Ingraham she could "kiss my fat ass."   Appearing at the conservative Young America's Foundation this week, which apparently pulled funding for her appearance, she told the crowd "I'm not Ann Coulter, I'm not Glenn Beck...I'm not trying to get my own show on Fox...I'm adamantly against hate-mongering." Then she said Ingraham and Coulter were "nasty," and a few days later, went on The View again and said of Ingraham "By the way, she can continue to kiss my ass."

Michelle Malkin points out Meghan's "ideological principles," whatever they may be:
You know what's wrong with Meghan McCain? It's not her weight. It's not her voice. It's not her looks. She's a beautiful young girl with TV-friendly poise and natural charm. The trouble with Meghan McCain is that, like her father, she has no fixed ideological principles - conservative, liberal, or otherwise....She seems to have inherited the notion that playing the "maaaaverick" imparts her with moral authority and credibility as a fresh voice for the GOP. I'm all for peaking truth to power. But like her father, Ms McCain's maaaaverick-iness appears to be rooted less in any firm set of beliefs than in the need for liberal approbation.
Take her "beef with Ann Coulter." If Ms. McCain sincerely detests Coulter's "demeanor" and "extreme" thinking, statements, and behavior because they represent "hate" and alienate young voters, then how is it that the same genteel ms. McCain can cheer the cretinous, left-wing extremist Russell Brand?
Meghan tweeted about Brand being "freaking hilarious," and then linked to his website.

In a March 2009 Daily Beast column Ms. McCain blasted Coulter. Laura Ingraham responded:
[Meghan McCain] is "just another Valley Girl gone awry," and "plus-sized." 
That's what started the "fat ass" comments.

On the stage at Jack Morton Auditorium last night, she said this:
After urging the Republican Party to stop being "so stubborn and closed-minded," McCain added that Democrats are capable of intolerance as well. She accused MSNBC's Keith Olberman of doing just as much damage as Rush Limbaugh, worrying that the tenor of their political discussions will result in a whole generation that will have no desire to get involved with politics.
Pity isn't it? Rush will drive the young away from Conservatism? Oh wait - young people are more conservative today than ever, and Meghan, they don't like your message. A study by The Chronicle of Higher Education, says that 24% of conservative college students support gay marriage as you do, but that means 75% percent do not. In Meghan's mind, conservatives are:
...dying off, becoming less and less relevant to the party structure as a whole." [From the Daily Beast article]
Dad, John McCain, a loose political cannon if there ever was one, supporting amnesty for multiple-millions said back in the summer of 2008 that he has heard from "the people" and learned his lesson on amnesty, but...but...his campaign stage was shared by Juan Hernandez, who quietly joined the McCain campaign staff and hung out with Meghan. Hot Air has this quote from Hernandez saying "of Mexicans who move to the US:
I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think of of Mexico first."
Meghan, if you follow Dad on immigration and amnesty, ignoring the enormous cost to the country, you haven't a prayer of being relevant in Republican politics. See Meghan and Hernandez photographed together here and read the details.

Young conservatives want smaller government - even those who weren't listening before the November 2008 elections and voted for Obama. This from TheNextRight:
They said we were going to be foundation of a new Democratic movement. They labeled us a generation upon which Democrats could build a political dynasty. They though we bled blue. They were wrong.
A little more than a year after Barack Obama won 18-29 year olds by a 2-to-1 margin, young adults are changing course. We were wooed by the promise of "change," only to find a year later that things have changed for the worse. Washington is different, but only because it is bigger...The reach of government into our lives has been altered, but only because their arm is longer. This is not the change we voted for and we're taking note."
Meghan alludes to being on a campaign to "hip up" the Republican party.  Being a Republican "is about as edgy as Donny Osmond," she said, and she slammed last year's CPAC speakers, young author/speaker Jonathan Krohn, and Christian-activist Stephen Baldwin, and dismissed them as though they had no political thought - especially when compared to her own.

No worries that Meghan will be a driving force in the party, in spite of the fact that she is Meggie McCain - or maybe because of it.

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