Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michelle Obama Sasha Malia Go to Broadway: Secret Service Threatens Audience - No More Photos

Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia escaped the throngs in the Capitol and went to Broadway to see Memphis, taking a dozen or so other with herDo you think the Secret Service could possibly be alarmed that audience members tried to take photos of The First Lady and First and Second Daughters? Me neither - but...the report says they were. At intermission, Secret Service warned the audience they would confiscate anyone attempting to take more photos.

Michelle Obama - Memphis

Just before intermission, the audience endured the First Girls being escorted out - while the stage was still performing. The First Girls were escorted back in after the audience was seated - hopefully not after the production had struck up the band once more.

...the musical tells the story of a white DJ, Huey Calhoun, in 1050's segregated Tennessee; his love for a black singer, Felicia Powell, and the then underground sound that gave birth to rock and roll.

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