Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama Bret Baier Interview: Louisiana Purchase will help with Hawaii earthquake

Hawaii must have funds coming to the state from the health care bill. President Obama told FOXNews' Bret Baier that like the Louisiana purchase monies which bought Senator Mary Landrieu's health care vote, "also affects Hawaii which went through an earthquake." See video below.

Bret Baier

Media Matters is claiming that FOXNews "erases" 2006 Hawaii earthquake to attack Obama."

Brett Baier asked the President if there are special monies still going to Connecticut:
[OBAMA] 'll give you some exceptions though. Something that was called a special deal was for Louisiana. It was said that there were billions — millions of dollars going to Louisiana, this was a special deal. Well, in fact, that provision, which I think should remain in, said that if a state has been affected by a natural catastrophe, that has created a special health care emergency in that state, they should get help. Louisiana, obviously, went through Katrina, and they're still trying to deal with the enormous challenges that were faced because of that. 
(CROSS TALK) OBAMA: That also — I'm giving you an example of one that I consider important. It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. So that's not just a Louisiana provision. That is a provision that affects every state that is going through a natural catastrophe.
The most significant earthquake in Hawaii in recent years was a 6.7 in October 2006. It brought a 4-inch tsunami to the shores of the Big Island. The tremblor destroyed 61 buildings. Bridges and overpasses were down. Windows were broken and many homes received cracks to their foundations. The south end of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the island of Hawaii collapsed. The Mauna Kea closed and underwent a $150 million rennovation. President Bush declared the area a "major disaster." So far, I've found no mention of deaths from this earthquake. No disrespect to anyone who did die.

So the question is: are there monies in the health care bill for Hawaii?

Bret Baier and Barack Obama (video)

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