Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in Tulsa

For 3-1/2 hours, 5,000 Oklahomans in Tulsa's civic center confirmed their deep commitment to defeating the Democrat agenda in Washington, D.C. Oklahoma, the reddest state in the Nation, which long ago elected the the reddest (most conservative) Senator, Jim Inhofe, were enthusiastic participants in "Taking Our Country Back," and this Tulsan had to miss it because of foot surgery! The good news is, I'll at Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert in August.

Sarah Palin in Tulsa

Glenn Beck in Tulsa

According to the Liberal Tulsa World, which says the audience was 6000-large, Beck and Palin were calling for "Americans to "demand a smaller government that adheres to the principles of founding fathers." This from Palin:
"There is no need for a fundamental transformation of America...."
Beck said progressives are for revolutionary government intrusion and they misinterpret the Constitution as a living document:

God bless Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. These are the issues and our future depends on taking our country back.

The first video is Beck. Note how quiet the audience is as Beck gets into his presentation. The second video is Sarah.

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Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in Tulsa (video)

Sarah Palin in Tulsa (video5

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