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Scientology Declines: Paul Haggis Resigns: Greta is Scientologist? Scientologists Tom Katie Cruise "Audit" for New Baby

Chris and Christie Colbran signed a staffer contract with Scientology for one billion years, because Scientologists are "immortal." Thirteen years later, they escaped the clutches of the organization but not without consequences, including their marriage, the loss of parents, and differing beliefs in the basic tenents of Scientology. See Greta van Susteren's name appear below. See a Tom Cruise video on Scientology below.


Tom Cruise and John Travolta are high-profile members of the "church," but some of their ranks are beginning to defect. Oscar winning screenwriter for movies "Million Dollar Baby," and "Crash," Paul Haggis, had his "resignation letter" leaked, after 35 years with the faith.

Haggis was most out-raged that the Scientology church in San Diego supported Prop. 8, which Haggis said was "hate-filled legislation...taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens...." He accused the church of adopting the "worst elements of the Christian Right."

But Haggis had other objections. His in-laws were once members of Scientology. When they "resigned" the church demanded that his wife cut them out of their lives, and no longer allow the grandparents to see their grandchildren. She did so. Haggis pointed out that his in-laws were loving people, and while his wife refused to see them, he did not. First problem, how emotionally insecure do you have to be to let a "church" lead you to that place.

Indeed, the letter from Haggis says after reading the many accusations coming out from top-level executives of the church, he:
"was left feeling outraged, and frankly, more than a little stupid."
He accuses the "church" of leaking "confessionals" to press of high-ranking members who have leveled accusations and fled Scientology, in order to embarrass them.
 A priest would go to jail before revealing secrets from the confessional, no matter what the cost to himself or his church. That’s the kind of integrity I thought we had, but obviously the standard in this church is far lower...you so easily broke a sacred vow of trust with your parishioners.
How dare you use private information in order to label someone an “adulteress?” You took Amy Scobee’s most intimate admissions about her sexual life and passed them onto the press and then smeared them all over the pages your newsletter! I do not know the woman, but no matter what she said or did, this is the woman who joined the Sea Org at 16!
In the end, Haggis says endorsing Prop 8 was the greatest instigator of his resignation.

A former Scientologist, Mark Headley, wrote a book released December 2009, about his experiences with Scientology and Tom Cruise, titled Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology:"
"You do a lot of things with a book and a bottle. It's known as the book-and-bottle routine." Cruise, he says, would instruct Headley to speak to a book, telling it to stand up, or to sit down, or otherwise to move somewhere.
"You do the same with the bottle. You talk to it. You do it with an ashtray too," he says. "You tell the ashtray, 'Sit in that chair.' Then you actually go over and put the ashtray on the chair. Then you tell the ashtray, 'Thank you.' Then you do the same thing with the bottle, and the book. And you do this for hours and hours."
Celebritology shares this vision:
"Katie, sit down. Katie, stand up." 
March 2, 2010 reports that Katie Holmes Cruise is undergoing "Scientology auditing" in preparation to have another baby. A few other alleged celebrity Scientologists are Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman, Isaac Hayes, Chaka Khan, Juliette Lewis, Jason Lee, Bijou Phillips, Giovanni Ribisi, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, Elisabeth Moss, Sofia Milos, Marisol Nichols, Leah Remini, AND OMgosh, Greta van Susteren! Can this be true? Remember, of all these, I said, are "allegedly" Scientologists. Celebrities said to once be Scientologists, but are not longer: Nicole Kidman, Courtney Love, Charles Manson, Demi Moore, Van Morrison, Mimi Rogers, Sharon Stone, and  the deceased Patrick Swayze and Christopher Reeve.

Christie King Colbran (33) had completed the "Purification Rundown," a procedure of vitamins and sauna-sitting, by the age of 10. At age 16, she was recruited into the Sea Org arm of Scientology. She and her husband, Chris, were married in a Scientology center. Chris Colbran said he saw and participated in physical abuse:
...he saw an officer hit a subordinate, and soon found that the atmosphere of supervision through intimidation was affecting him. He acknowledges that he pushed a 17-year-old staff member against a wall and yelled at his wife, who was his deputy.
Scientology photo-ops at Centers around the world were filled with employees to make the gatherings look larger, Chris said. In South Africa "parishioners took their maids and gardeners to church."
“It was all built on lies,” Mr. Collbran said. “We’re working 16 hours a day trying to save the planet, and the church is shrinking.”  
In the end, Mr. Colbran was sent from Johannesburg to Los Angels to think about his desire to leave the church. Christie was not allowed to leave Johannesburg and their letters were intercepted. She finally made it to Los Angeles, but still the couple were allowed to see each other. The Colbran's were eager to go through the "church's" official exit program. Without doing so, there were consequences:
...they would be declared “suppressive persons” — antisocial enemies of Scientology. They would lose the possibility of living for eternity. Their parents, siblings and friends who are Scientologists would have to disconnect completely from them, or risk being declared suppressive themselves.
“You’re in fear,” Mr. Collbran said. “You’re so into it, it’s everything you know: your family, your eternity.”  
The "church" routinely hands defecting members huge bills for counseling and auditing. The Colbran's bill was $90,000. Today, however, former members are beginning to bill the "church" for "back wages."

Chris and Christie somehow "remain in good standing" with Scientology, but at the same time are considered "suppressive persons." Christie's parents are Scientologists and no longer speak to her or see their grandchild. Mrs. Colbran still believes in the teachings of Scientology. Her husband does not. The two are divorcing. In the video below, listen to Tom Cruise's laugh. Is that creepy or what?

Tom Cruise on Scientology (video)

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