Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shamnesty Arguments Fool Weak Minds

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More than a week has passed since some of those seeking shamnesty organized another 'rally' in our nation's capitol. Images seen from this blog suggest those participating may have learned one thing in two years. Don't display Mexican flags when promoting shamnesty for illegal immigrants (like the 2007 photo above). But the MSM learned little, as they did not minimize estimates of the turnout as they had for Tea Party gatherings.

A report from VOA displayed this title. ' Thousands Rally in US Capital, Demanding Immigration Reform.' A quote from that report is an example of what angers many Americans. "It's a lost, because like the president is saying he is going to do something and he never do it, we are waiting for that," she said. "And we want justice."

That is one skewed definition of justice. It demonstrates a perverse feeling of entitlement and failure to recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigration. As if to say, okay, I'm here, now gimme my stuff. Additional excerpts from the VOA report illuminate the problem.

Leyda Lopez came to Sunday's rally with her mother who entered the country illegally from Equador nearly two decades ago. Leyda says she is concerned about the state of the immigration reform debate.

This is the same woman quoted earlier. Her mother was here for two decades illegally (not long after Ronald Reagan allowed a one time only amnesty which obviously was a mistake) and now Leyda wants 'justice'?

Leyda's mother, Mely, says that because of her status, she has been unable to return to Equador to see the rest of her family for 18 years.

Can you believe the arrogance or ignorance of this thought process? Not only here illegally for two decades but the daughter expecting 'justice' and the mother obviously complaining that because she is illegal she is unwilling to risk detection by traveling in and out of the country.

That is the kind of twisted argument that can make most Americans absolutely wild. And it gets better (that would be sarcasm).

Yulmi says many work 15-16 hours a day, holding two jobs and are underpaid because they are undocumented. He says frequently they are taken advantage of and exploited and that is not just.

Who do they expect to believe this? No, they are NOT undocumented. That is the liberal euphemism!! They are here illegally and that makes them illegal which means their first act when crossing the border was to break the law. No respect for the rule of law and now they 'want justice'?

Justice for illegal immigrants is one, deportation, two, incarceration and/or three, sanctions against their home countries that cause severe consequences or a combination of all three. Where people like Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer get the idea that anything else is reasonable defies logic. If people like those described above are representative of those here illegally they certainly do not qualify for the good citizenship award. If they genuinely believe what they are saying there is no hope for them ever understanding what they did and are doing wrong. That inability precludes legal immigration or citizenship.

If they are simply running a game by saying what they do they are equally unfit to be legal immigrants or citizens. Any legal citizen of the US who does not understand that is a civics moron unworthy of their citizenship status. Something else we need to correct.

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