Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UN IPCC Wildfires: IPCC Makes it Up Again, Ignores Truth Again: More ClimateGate

The U.N. climate panel, the IPCC has made things up and ignored other "things,"...again. This time, the IPCC claimed tourism had been down significantly due to wildfires - "millions of dollars," of losses according to this decidedly unscientific panel.


The source used by the IPCC was British Columbia Tourism newsletter, which said:

It is possible that the stronger performance of regions far from the fires is due to travellers who changed their plans to visit these regions instead of those heavily affected by the forest fires.

Obviously, the newsletter was not saying that tourism was down, but that tourism in the area of the forest fires had simply moved to regions farther away from the fires.

ClimateQuotes has been following the story for awhile now, and has all the reference links, including spelling errors made by the "scientists." ClimateQuotes cites the exact IPCC sections and the discussion that happened around the wildfires and tourism. The IPCC claims are incorrect and the bottom line is, they knew it and refused to do anything about it.

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