Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zoe Saldana New "N" Word: Zoe Saldana Avatar Star says Hollywood is Racist:

Zoe Saldana, the love interest in Avatar, says there's a new "n" word in Hollywood. She is told she's "too dark." Filmmakers want to go more "traditional," she said. "Traditional," according to Zoe, is the new "n" word. So where's the lawsuits? Where are the claims of racial discrimination in Hollywood?

Zoe Saldana

It is quite a claim to say that Hollywood, the Leftist center of the United States (behind San Francisco), would demand "tradition" meaning "white" when casting their films. They can't sell a black or brown woman as white? Avatar director, James Cameron, needed a brown or darker woman for Avatar, so the beautiful Zoe got the job. But had her skin been lighter - I guess not. Cameron could have told us Saldana is white. That should have taken care of the problem.

This is how it works in Hollywood: Cameron tells us global warming is real, we scoff, he calls us a**holes. Tom Hanks says America's defense against Japan was racist and terrorist, says we were suicide bombers in the air, and thinks he is a history genius. We won't be seeing his movies.

I'm waiting for Cameron's film casting a fair-skinned blonde as a black women, or a black women as a fair-skinned blonde. Just give us some 3-D glasses and tell us that black woman is white. Let's even the playing field.

So, if casting calls are for "traditional" women, meaning white, that's ironic. Hollywood despises tradition. Saldana says when she is told she "looks dark," she asks "Dark compared to whom? This is just my skin." So where are the lawsuits against Hollywood producers? Any white-owned-business outside of the film industry would be defending in court against discrimination suits, constantly until it ruined them, if they refused to hire minorities because a minority presence might affect their bottom line.

From John Nolte at BigHollywood:

...the difference between Hollywood and the real world is that for whatever reason the entertainment industry is allowed to openly discriminate. If some racist producer believes casting a black actress as the love interest opposite a white man will damage the film’s profitability, he or she is free to not offer an actress like Saldana the job based solely on her skin color and his selfish desire to maximize profits.
On the other hand, if some racist producer wants to pick up market share in Mexico, he’ll openly discriminate against a white actor in order to hire a Mexican actor. This is another purely mercenary hiring decision based solely on race and profit.
McDonald’s could decide that the best way to improve market share in certain neighborhoods is to hire only hot-looking cooks and cashiers of a certain skin color. They could also empirically prove that this Hollywood-ish hiring decision brought them higher profits. They’re still going to be sued dry. 
But Hollywood’s a special place above the laws you and I and every other business in America must abide by. In order to increase profits, they’re allowed to be just as racist and sexist as they accuse everyone else of being.
Just because you call it “demographics” doesn’t mean it’s not prejudice.
Zoe Saldana's father is Dominican and her mother Puerto Rican. She was born in New Jersey and raised in Queen, New York.  At the age of ten, she moved with ther family to the Dominican Republic and lived there for 7 years before returning to the U.S. 

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