Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol Gives Back to Pro-Abortion Organizations

American Idol's America Gives Back is asking for our donations tonight. The show has sent millions to many organizations do many good things, but this year we learn that some of our money has been given to to pro-abortion charitable organizations in the past, and AI supported a fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles recently.

Future American Idols?

What are these people thinking? Abortion is such an emotional subject. It concerns life or death - not the life of a salamander that can't cross a highway safely which needs the U.S. government to build passage for it. It's about the life of a baby. Why would American Idol, which has a plethora of grandmothers and very young little girls voting, send money, on behalf of donors, to end a life?

On his second day in office, President Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy which kept American foreign aid from funding abortion. Obama said it was tops on his list, and he struck it down. Democrats have no shame, and their mission is domination.

So be aware, if you donate tonight, your money may be hijacked. Read more from Jake Jones, the Evangelical Examiner,

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