Thursday, April 1, 2010

Constitution Restoration Project: Restore the Constitution Video

While most of America is distressed that the new health care law will break the bank and diminish America to a Banana Republic (and I agree), the first consideration, in my opinion, should be that the law is unconstitutional. This is an important video, with real suggestions for restoring our Constitution. Listen close to the end, as Professor Barnett says some of the projects coming up will lend comfort to Supreme Court Justices by acknowledging Americans want the Constitution restored. I hope you will watch the video, and be refreshed and enthused that this isn't over yet.

Restore the U.S. Constitution

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and Pajama's TV, and Randy Barnett of Volokh Conspiracy, and a professor at Georgetown University, talk about why the health care law will be deemed unconstitutional, and talk about coming projects that we can can all get involved in. Check out Barnett's  The Constitution Restoration Project.

Visit The Lonely Conservative for information on an Article V symposium. 

Glenn Reynolds and Randy Barnett
Constitution Restoration Project

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