Saturday, April 10, 2010

John Cornyn Still Supports Charlie Crist: Marco Rubio Out Raises Crist $3.6M to $1.1M:

Marco Rubio out-raised Charlie Crist in the first quarter of 2010 by $2.5 million. Crist began his fundraising efforts in the second quarter of 2009 raising $4.4 million. It was downhill from there. In the third quarter Crist brought in only half of the previous quarter - $2.5 million. By the fourth quarter, Rubio was close, raising $1.76 million to to Crist's $2.1 million. By the end of March 2010 Rubio's coffers were plush with $3.6 million to Crist's $1.1 million. But it makes no difference that Floridians can clearly distinguish a Conservative from a RINO - Senator John Cornyn and his committee of "Senatorial pickers" still support Crist.

Marco Rubio
Once again, can't help but think how misguided the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) can be, as they endorsed Crist practically before he was even running, and unfortunately continue to follow the error of their ways. NRSC chairman, Sen. John Cornyn said he is "honor-bound to leave it as it is." So Rubio joins other worthy and conservative candidates without support from their own Party.

From The Daily Caller:
Last Spring, the NRSC threw its support behind Crist...Cornyn defended the endorsement as "selfish." After meeting with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who opted out of running for the seat, he said Crist was seen as "the ideal candidate" because he's a good fundraiser."
Florida Republicans passed controversial education reform which ends teacher tenure, and will pay teachers according to the achievement of their students - known as "merit pay."  Florida teachers are not happy about it and they are pressuring Crist to veto the bill. Crist said no other issue has put as much pressure on him as this bill, passed by his own party. Early-on he supported the bill. Now he's not sure. He has to make a decision by Friday April 16th.

Crist said one of the most important things a public servant can do is "listen." He is listening, he says. The question is always, to whom are you listening? The people who want to clean up the schools, and want their children to learn, or the powerful Teacher's Union?

Jeb Bush has endorsed Marco Rubio "kinda-sorta." Some are theorizing that if Jeb comes out and publicly endorses Crist, Crist will let the bill pass. If not, then he vetoes the bill. This is a stellar reminder of why we do not want Floridians to send Charlie Crist to the U.S. Senate. His vote is always up for sale.

Rubio still trails Crist in total fundraising some $6.9 million to $10.1 million, so keep the funds rolling-in to Rubio.  He will need it as we draw nearer to November. For some biographical background on Rubio, read this.

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