Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiera Echols Neurological Nightmare - A New Kind of Encephalitis - a Tiny Tumor with Eyeballs and Feet

Kiera Echols, a perfectly normal young woman went through hell, and she remembers some of it today. She had massive headaches, saw goblins and children, remembers being in hell - literally, and she wanted a exorcist. Echols was diagnosed with a rare form of Encephalitis, only discovered in 2000...and a tiny turmor, a Teratoma, too small to be seen on CT scans, on an ovary. How weird is this? Teratomas are capable of having "eyeballs or tiny feet." See a video below.

Surgery and treatment for the Encephalitis have Kiera almost back to normal. Her husband, Mike, is in the Air Force and was in basic training at the time of her diagnosis.  How many women have been institutionalized or died, how rare is it to have both at the same time?

The following video shows Ms. Echols in the grip of her attacks, as well as today. The film has been entered in the 2010 Neuro Film Festival.

Kiera Echols Neurological Nightmare - A New Encephalitis and a Rare Tumor (video)

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