Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael Steele: We haven't helped legals assimilate We need apple pie

Now I join those thinking it is time for Michael Steele to step down from his position as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. This interview puts legals and illegals in the same basket and tries to make them one. Speaking of Arizona's new illegal immigration law, Steele gives the basket a shake and says we certainly do need these people, but who is he speaking of - legals or illegals? Of "those coming to the process legally, the GOP must be "mindful our prior actions and our prior rhetoric...has not been the most welcoming and supportive to those wanting to learn English and get a job. He suggests we get on with the apple pie and singing a few bars of the Star Spangled Banner. What? He eventually mentions the Rule of Law.

Michael Steele

Republicans have never been unwelcoming to those "assimilating" legally. Shame on Steele, who I have unwaveringly supported, even when he said the Party was racist.

As a Party, we must be proud of standing for the Rule of Law, Had we respected our country's Rule of Law throughout the years, the U.S. would be safer and more economically stable, and the Arizona governor wouldn't be in the news today.

Recently, as Steele tried to explain away some Republican Committee irresponsible spending, by saying some of the criticism might be be rooted in racism.

Steele is bouncing on and off the Party walls. It's time for him to go. We need a strong supporter of the Rule of Law heading the Party. It will gain us votes, and it is the right and honorable thing to do, in every case, not just illegal aliens.

Michael Steele: Republicans have not helped illegals assimilate (video)

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