Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama Vows to Ratchet-up Pressure on Iran: Funniest Quote of the Year

Funniest quote of the year: "The idea here is to keep on turning up the pressure" ~ Barack Obama.  The operative word is "keep." We have not been ratcheting up pressure on Iran, so we cannot "keep" ratcheting up the pressure, especially with the veto powers of Commies China and Russia sitting on the U.N. Security Council.

Barack Obama
No worries...no rush. Just let this Iranian banty rooster continue to kill our military, his own citizens and threaten people everywhere.

"In our talks with China it was agreed that tools such as sanctions have lost their effectiveness," he told reporters in Beijing.
I would like to see an American leader say to the Security Council, "screw you, strong letter to follow." I will get a coalition of nations to isolate Iran, thus making my country safer , Israel safer and the surrounding Islamic countries safer. If I fail, then so be it, but it won't be because I didn't try."

Oh, but wait...US Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, said Thursday that China is now ready for "serious" talks. Ridiculous. How many times has we gone through this? The answer is over and over, and year after year.

In February, Iranian president Mahmoud Achmadinejad said his country had begun the enrichment of fuel at 20%:
...experts say Iran could convert a stockpile of 20% enriched uranium to weapons grade material within six months.
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said this week that Obama is naive in thinking sanctions can now stop the country from acquiring a nuclear arsenal:
The test is, can you pass a sanctions resolution that will stop Iran from continuing to pursue nuclear weapons, and the unambiguous answer is no. This continued talk about sanctions is counterproductive because it gives people the kind of a warm and fuzzy and comfortable feeling that we're doing something when in reality we're not."
We let the IAEA's now retired Mohamed El-Baradei, and a Nobel Peace prize awardee,  lie to the world for years about Iran's nuclear aggression, and just one month ago, just before he was set to exit the world eye, he said "Iran has not implemented any of the measures called for by the Security Council...." In May 2008, El-Baradei said Iran was not after a bomb:
"We haven't seen indications or any concrete evidence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon and I've been saying that consistently for the last five years," ElBaradei asserted. 
 The bottom line is this: we have let the U.N. Security Council be dominated by Islamic nations, and we allowed a Muslim to watch the hen house.

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