Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obamas Nuclear Summit Logo Embraces Muslim World?

Obama's warm embrace of Islam extended to his Nuclear Security Summit, even without any Muslim countries attending. Splattered across walls everywhere was this logo. See a video below.

I first read about it at Chicago Ray's. Ray is a graphic designer. He points out that the broken crescent is not a "normal design element."

 Islamic Crescent

Then I read about it at The Lonely Conservative who had this photo of the event and asks "what's at the center of the earth?" The answer is not the United States. The answer is Africa, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Oman, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Europe...

 Obama's Nuclear Summit

Then I followed Lonely Conservative over to The Camp of the Saints who said the logo was "designed by his people and approved by him." I suppose it had to be. This arena was Obama's own personal convocation. He also has to own that not a darn thing was accomplished at his party, except another embrace of the Muslim world - and that was done a pretty big way, don't you think?

Then to The Astute Blogger with the graphics below, and a fine explanation of Islam and its relationship to the crescent, not to be mistaken for a crescent moon. You really must read the commentary at  The Astute Blogger

Islamic Symbols

Do you remember this? I originally found it at Feed Your ADHD. It is our new online logo for the Pentagon's U.S. Missile Defense Agency:

About the MDA symbol: check out the similarity to Obama's own personal apologue. One story blames the design on the Bush administration, saying it originated in 2007. I'll take a wild guess, Senator Barack Obama and the lefties at the Pentagon conspired to put one over on that Cowboy president of ours. I think they succeeded, and remember, Obama announced his candidacy in Illinois on February 10, 2007. My story is not nearly as difficult to buy as thinking that George Bush had anything to do with this.

Everytime I see the symbol of Islam, I think of Alec Rawls and the 9/11 Memorial under construction in Shanksville, PA. The Memorial is in the same shape you see above. It's an incredible story and Alec has spent years trying to inform people about what is happening. The bottom half of the following graphic is the Shanksville Memorial design. The top is the Islamic crescent.

There is far more to the Shanksville Memorial story. Read it at Rawls Error Theory, and leave a note for him expressing your appreciation for his highly emotional battle for the sanctity of the dead - against all odds. While you are Error Theory, read Alec's specific article on the National Security Summit logo.

And finally, Jon Stewart went spastic over this one. It is plain to Stewart that the symbol of the Hydrogen Atom, known as the Bohr Model, is what the Nuclear Security Summit was aiming for. 

 Jon Stewart and the Hydrogen Atom

I certainly would have thought of that too, but...the circle is closed, not exactly a crescent, as is the NSS symbol. Circle...crescent...they're not the same.

We can't confirm why Obama chose such a symbol. Neither can Jon Stewart. Even more importantly, we'll never know why the crescent embraces the Muslim world - and not the United States. You know, the crescent could have embraced the world. That wouldn't have been difficult. The symbol of an impotent nuclear summit embracing the entire world. Why not?

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