Monday, April 19, 2010

Obamas quiet outreach to Muslims not so quiet

The New York Times headline is Reaching Out Quietly to Muslims in America, speaking of Obama. Who are they kidding? What better outreach than to help Muslims destroy Israel. Muslims must see Obama's treatment of Israel as a great, gigantic leap for anyone adhering to the Koran. See two videos below.

I believe in diversity. It is Islam that does not believe in diversity - or at least, thus far, no one has explained how they ignore the teachings of their Holy book. Does anyone really think Americans would be so distrusting of Muslims if the Koran didn't wish us dead? That's what 9/11 did. It gave us a clue. Until then, we weren't paying attention.

According to the NYT, way down below the fold:

While the administration's solicitation of Muslims and Arab-Americans has drawn little fanfare, it has not escaped criticism. A small but vocal group of research analysts, bloggers and others complain that the government is reaching out to Muslim leaders and organizations with an Islamist agenda or ties to extremist groups abroad. 
We are paying attention.

I do not think all Muslims want to kill us (but I'm not sure how they feel about the Jews). I don't even think most want to kill us, but since most Muslims will never be tested by their faith, we will never know. Neither will they. We just bide our time waiting to see who comes after us.

 I don't care that the Koran does not accept infidels. I do not care that they think we must believe as they do to make it to heaven. I do care that they think we should be dead. As Bill Clinton told us this week, words have consequences. The Koran has consequences.

There are numerous Muslims already working in the White House, and Obama is armed with a book of 45 Muslim resumes of "the nation's most qualified -- Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted...." Do you know who the most influential Muslim is, with exclusive access to our President? Read about it here and here.

So cut the crap. There is nothing subtle about Obama's outreach. Take a look at this press release from The White House, and every time you see the word "Muslim," substitute the world "Jew." Can you see this ever happening?

Muslims in the White House (video)

Obama hosts Ramadan Dinner at White House (video)

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