Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Open Letter to Tom Coburn on Health Care and Nancy Pelosi

After Senator Tom Coburn's (R-OK) imperious townhall in Oklahoma this week, I have sent him the following email. My readers are telling me they have done the same. See the details of what transpired in this article. See a video below.

Tom Coburn
Senator Coburn,

When your constitutient asked you about a prison sentence for failure to buy health care, or failure to pay the penalty fine, your answer should have been this:
"The House of Representatives put a prison penalty in their bill. The Senate took it out. Nancy Pelosi tried to impose a prison penalty, but the Senate denied it."
That works if it is the truth. How would we know what the reconciliation bill has in it? We can hardly distinguish between the final reconciliation and prior attempts. We pay you to know and explain it when we ask.

You were disrespectful of the woman asking the question. In fact, you were dismissive and cheeky, and while it is your job to enforce "Pay-an-Go," it is not your job to judge our opinions about Nancy Pelosi. When you ask: "Do you know her? Have your met her?" Well, of course, only few of us have, but we do pay attention to just about every move she makes, when the press will report it. As a taxpayer and voter who voted for you as a servant of the people, please know that I pay attention. I understand what she has attempted to do, and while she is driving her philosphy, I am doing the same. The difference is, her philosophy increases her power. Mine does not increase my personal power, - mine protects my liberty, and yours, through the U.S. Constitution.

Why snipe at FOX News - twice? When someone disagrees with you, do you need to blame it on ignorance and being a FOX-follower? If so, that is despicable. I have been a long-time supporter. I hope you can get the priorities of the people in the proper perspective, and show them the proper respect, whether you agree or not.

Tom Coburn on Health Care Jail Time and Nancy Pelosi (video)

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