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Puerto Rico Democracy Our 51st State Happening Now?

I didn't hear Glenn Beck's radio show today but I did see some of his TV show. The U.S. House will vote to allow Puerto Rico to become a U.S. state. This is a complicated matter but the video gives an excellent explanation of the coming convoluted action in the House of tomorrow, April 29, with a vote on the Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499). See a video below.

Puerto Rico

This involves a new political party in Puerto Rico - The Progressive Party - which has figured out how engineer the Territory of Puerto Rico into U.S. statehood, even though Puerto Rico has never wanted statehood in the past. There are sources that I cannot cite that say the New Progressive Party "advocates for Puerto Rico's admission to the United States of America as the 51st state. Since 2008, I believe I am correct saying that the Progressive Party holds a large majority in their House of Representatives and Senate.

Important: Please call your Congresscritters on Friday April 29 - early as possible, as we don't know the time of the vote. Tell them to vote NO on H.R. 2499.

The possibility is that Puerto Rico becomes a state, and the Democrats gain 6 Congressmen and 2 Democrat Senators.

From The Lonely Conservative, who has much more:
Basically, what they’ll do is rig the questions so that most Puerto Ricans wind up voting for statehood, especially because American citizens with Puerto Rican heritage can vote. There are more Puerto Rican-Americans than there are citizens of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican-Americans are in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico. Once Puerto Rico becomes a state, there’s no doubt the Puerto Ricans will vote for the Democrats. Their national median income is about a third what it is in the US, so we’ll be adding about 4 million Puerto Ricans to the welfare rolls.
From Robert Moon at The Examiner:
Quietly sailing through the House this week is yet another piece of partisan stealth legislation aimed at manufacturing more Democrat power at the expense ofthe American people, the economy and the country.

Not only is Puerto Rico already a fully-functioning democracy, but it has also repeatedly rejected attempts to turn it into a U.S. state, for decades.

But still, desperate to create new Democrat voters and elected officials, the left is now aggressively setting the stage for the creation of a 51st state.

Due to its dense population of poverty-stricken minorities, Puerto Rico can be counted on to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and all their handouts, and their representation will also consequently outnumber that of 25 other existing U.S. states.

Meanwhile, with Puerto Ricans having an average income of less than half that of our poorest state, they will instantly become eligible for dozens of our welfare programs. Truckloads of taxpayer dollars will also have to be perpetually dumped into the territory, by federal law, to bring it up to American infrastructure and environmental standards.
 From Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King at BigGovernment: (there's much more, including how the process and the deception works for the U.S. and the Puerto Rican people. Please read it at BigGovernment.
* The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, “Puerto Rican statehood,” analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.
You can take immediate action here, and get additional details. Remember the November 2010 elections and the difference the addition of millions of Democrat voters from Puerto Rico might make. Is it possible?

Glen Beck: Puerto Rico Democracy Act (video)

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