Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robert Gibbs White House Press Corps: Stifling Anonymous Sources

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs met with the White House press corps in early 2010 and attempted to strike a deal to end quoting anonymous White House sources. Curiously, Gibbs doesn't offer the press opinion of his plan, but we can probably guess they guffawed loudly...but politely, of course.

 Robert Gibbs

From The Hill:
"I think we could all put what we want to say to the American people and to the new media all on the record," Gibbs said.
Gibbs was saying exactly what he meant: I'll give you exactly what WE [the administration] want you to know.
"And I offered the Correspondent's Association -- I said, "Let's end background. "Right? We won't do background. You don't do background."
Gibberish's plan was for the press corps to come to him with information from anonymous sources, and Gibbs and the administration would determine if it was truthful, or not, and then "we would attach our name to it."

Former White House staffer, Linda Tripps' whistleblowing on Bill and Monica would not have been true, and that would have ended the revelation...no impeachment, and Monica could keep her blue dress.

White House counsel, John Dean could have continued the Watergate cover up, rather than turning whistleblower and losing his law license as a result of conviction.

Sandy Berger DID NOT thieve confidential documents and hide them in his socks and under his trailer - never happened!

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