Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scott Ashjian Arrest Looms? Tea Party Pretender Scott Ashjian Lawsuits

Scott Ashjian, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Las Vegas, may be facing arrest. Ashjian filed to run for office under the Tea Party Nevada ticket, but Tea Party members in the area, say he is definitely not one them.

Scott Ashjian

Ashjian, who says he has 27 small businesses wrote a $5,000 hot check from his now-defunct asphalt business. He is charged with a felony. The Nevada Clark Count District Attorney has filed paperwork requesting Ashjian's arrest and is awaiting a judge's signature.

Apparently Ashjian does not plan to pay the debt, even though:
A spokesperson for the DA's office tells CNN these types of cases are often dismissed without charges if the debt is paid. 
In a television interview recently, he said he he was not aware about the charges. 

Nevada Tea Parties insist Ashjian is working on behalf of Democrat Senator Harry Reid, and attempting to "siphon" votes from conservative candidates. Tea Party Express sent a videotape message to Ashjian, saying "get lost."

Tim Fasano, a candidate running on the Independent American Party platform, has filed a lawsuit against Scott Ashjian, trying to get Ashjian's name removed from the ballot.
Fasano argues Ashjian was not a member of the Tea Party when he filled out paperwork to run for office and therefore isn't legally entitled to run....
Mr. Ashjian apparently doesn't believe he needs to follow the rules
And Fasano accused Ashjian of trying "to usurp the Tea Party's good name" to "run for the Senate as a Trojan horse to bleed off conservatives votes." 
ChicagoRay has commentary on a possible Ashjian arrest, and some interesting information from Laura Ingraham's 'Need to Know."

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