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SEIU in Nursing Homes: How SEIU Affects your Loved One in a Nursing Home?

Adam Bitley at NetRightDaily asks What is Andy Stern? referring to the SEIU president's penchant for lobbying Washington, D.C. without registering as a lobbyist. While reading the post, Adam mentions that there is a newly launched website, the SEIU Monitor, from Americans for Limited Goverment.  We've watched the SEIU thugs in their purple shirts, now famously dubbed the Purple People Beaters as they attacked tea partiers. Now we can see the inside machinations of a movement gone seriously wrong, at the direction of Andy Stern. One question before getting on with this. Do you know someone in a nursing home? If you do, you'll want to find out if the workers are SEIU members. It might matter...a lot.
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Andy Stern

Keep in mind that Obama's really, really good friend, Andy Stern, has let it slip that he is resigning his position as the Service Emloyees International Union (SEIU) president in 2012. Everyone is asking "why," and speculations are rampant.

From SEIU Monitor - Healthcare:
...in 2003, the SEIU struck a secret deal with nursing-home chains. Under the deal, the SEIU would be allowed to organize the workforces of the nursing homes. In exchange, the SEIU agreed to limit newly unionized workers ability to report abuses and unsafe conditions.
The deal curtailed nursing home patients' right to sue if they were neglected, abused, or even killed, and was called "coldblooded." Those who opposed these agreements were targeted by SEIU President Andy Stern. 
Terrifying, isn't it? How can this be legal?

From SEIU Monitor - Unpaid Hired Guns, we learn that SEIU placed United Healthcare Workers into trusteeship. Then hired OSO, a private intelligence firm to spy on fellow union members, and then allegedly rant up a $2.2 million bill - then refused to pay OSO the $2+ Mil.
Perhaps the SEIU's reticence to pay their bills has something to do with their deteriorating finances. After spending $85 million in the 2008 election and taking a $25 million loan to cover its costs, the SEIU claimed they needed to "safeguard their resources."
 According to the article, the unpaid OSO investigators are "retired law enforcement officers...."

Here's another one - Held Against Their Will: SEIU has more than 200,000 "agency fee payers:"
An agency fee payer is an employee who resigns their union membership, but still pays a "fee" in lieu of dues to the union....SEIU dissenters make up nearly 11 percent of the workers covered by the union's contracts. In fact, the SEIU has more dissenters than most unions have a s members....It also means that hundreds of thousands of SEIU members may in fact, be held in the union against their will."
In an article that I wrote about Andy Stern's resignation, I mused that perhaps he would actually run the new ACORN, whatever it is now, and where ever it is, because it is somewhere gearing up for the November election. Stern has been tight with ACORN for a very long time, as was Barack Obama. The SEIU Monitor says the SEIU has given nearly $8.5 million of union member's money to ACORN.

And a final glimpse behind the scenes of SEIU according to the SEIU Monitor - Growth at Any Cost:
Union executives like Tyrone Freeman have allegedly spent millions of dollars of dues money taken from low-paid workers to enrich their relatives and pursue a lavish lifestyle.
SEIU has their fingers in so many cookie jars. They have a campaign going to "Tell Glenn Beck's Advertisers to Stop Sponsoring Hate." So remembering that Andy Stern is resigning his position, the SEIU Monitor reports "e-mails"written by a Stern advisor, Matt Witt, worrying that the financial scandals might make it difficult for Stern to find another job.

As we wait to see just what Stern, the person who has visited the White House more than any other person during the Time of Obama, does next - after SEIU, the SEIU Monitor is a go-to place for all the dirty details. Just a reminder, that the "Monitor" is a project of a really fine organization, Americans for Limited Government.

Kenneth Gladney - Tea Partier Beaten by SEIU members (video)
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