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Susan Powell Buried in Mine? Susan Powell: Mommy is Looking for Crystals in a Cave?

Susan Powell was reported missing by her husband, Josh Powell, on December 7th, 2009. She has not been seen since. Her hubby Joshua Powell hasn't feigned much interest in his missing wife, and police say he is the only person of interest in the case of this missing mother of two small boys. Just minutes ago, Geraldo was on. Attorney Kimberly Guilfoyle was sitting-in for the outrageous Rivera while he is in Afghanistan embedded with our troops. Kimberly mentioned that Susan Powell may have been buried in a mine shaft, and at at some point, one of the little boys told someone that Mommy was searching for crystals in a cave. Updates when available.

Susan Powell

Now, I was only half listening. I could have gotten it wrong. I'm not finding news stories to back this up, but that's not too unusual if this is breaking.

Ms. Powell, 28, was a Wells Fargo stockbroker. She was reported missing after not showing up at work and her children were not dropped off at day care. Her car, purse and cell phone were all found in the couple's West Valley City, Utah home. Josh, 34, said he took his two small sons camping in a desert covered in snow and below-freezing temperatures. He said he last saw his wife at 12:30 a.m. that morning.

Josh Powell

Family and friends say Susan would not have walked out and left her children. Josh has not been involved in searches for his wife and in January he packed his things and moved to Washington state.
Family and friends of missing Utah mother Susan Powell's family say they are floored that her husband is packing up the family's belonging and preparing to move out state while ducking questions from police and the public....
We'd like to see him here helping out with Susan's search," Joshual Powell's brother-in-law, Kirk Graves, said, "But he's not."
Kirk Graves is married to Josh's sister, Jennifer.

Josh Powell rented a car the day after his wife disappeared, while police had his minivan in their custody. He allegedly put "hundreds of miles on it," but refuses to say where he went and...the Duces Wild Strip club say he was in the club on the very day Susan vanished:
A bartender, a bounce, and a club regular all say they saw him that day. He arrived on the afternoon of December 7 and was acting like and a**hole, complaining loudly about the bad day he was having. "He was belligerent to the other patrons and the girls at the bar," a worker told ABC-4. "He just kept saying over and over, "I've had a really bad day' and I've got a story to tell," but refused to elaborate.
Some of Susan's friends say she was planning to leave her husband. She reportedly set up her own bank account and prepared a will. After "fasting and praying," Susan decided to stay, and friends thought the marriage had improved.

Since this blog is basically a political blog, it is interesting to note that Joshua Powell's brother, Michael Powell was a national delegate for Barack Obama, and Michael ran on the Democrat ticket for a seat in the Washington State House of Representatives in fall 2009 and lost.

Powell's father, Steven Powell, lives just outside of Puyallup, Washington in a gated community. Susan's parents also live in Puyallup.

So about the mine story and the crystals and the children, there is a lot of talk around the Internet - just chat, about the mines in the area. What grabbed me tonight was hearing Guilfoyle say one of the children said mommy was searching for crystals. I'll update when information is available. Read about the desolate campground Powell says he took his children to on the frigidly-cold morning that Susan Powell disappeared.

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