Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whiskey is Christmas Gratuity at State Department: Hillary Clinton Enjoys a Christmas Gratuity

We already know how wildly and recklessly Congress and the State Department spends our money. To learn of thousands spent to buy liquor and wine is not news, but claiming that whiskey is a "Christmas gratuity" is appalling news. "Christmas" is not a proper word out of this White House and certainly not at the State Department, yet $9,501 was expensed for whiskey and wine for "Christmas gratuities" at our embassy in South Korea. How shameless can we be, and what happened to 'Winter Holiday?' We do not use "Christmas" in the sacred context, but use it for whiskey, and probably spell it with a small 'c.'

The photo is of our fun loving Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, enjoying a "Christmas gratuity."

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