Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Greyson Chance: Ellen DeGeneres Signs Greyson Chance

Edmond, Oklahoma school boy, Greyson Chance is the first talent signed on Ellen DeGeneres' new record label. See the video below.

After performing at his school, he posted the video on YouTube, it went viral and has had 4.5 million viewings. Then...he was invited onto Ellen's show. Several big surprises for the 6th grader on the show, and he performs Lady GaGa's Paparazzi. Embedding is disabled, of course, but you see it here.

Ellen Degeneres and Greyson Chance

The school performance is seen below. Audio is better when he performs on Ellen (linked above). Greyson says he has had three years of piano lessons, no singing lessons and he writes his own music - one of which is Broken Hearts. See it here but the audio is poor.

Greyson Chance (video)

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