Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greg Baer SEIU: SEIU thugs own Police? Megyn Kelly SEIU Video

When 500 SEIU union thugs departing from Washington, D.C., descended on a private home in Maryland - actually standing on the front porch and speaking though a megaphone, early reports said the protesters stayed off of private property and there was no reason for police to take action - you know, like arresting trespassers, or endangering a minor taking refuge in a locked bathroom inside his own home... or something. See a video below.

SEIU Descends on Private Home in Maryland

Initial reports also said that Washington, D.C. police crossed into Maryland's Montgomery County and escorted the protesters to the home of Bank of America attorney, Greg Baer.

Now, police are denying the 13 or 14 busloads were "escorted" to the home, and denying that D.C. police crossed into Maryland.

In the video below, you'll see the SEIU'ers on the Baer's front porch, you'll hear the two police chiefs deny escorting or protecting the rowdy group of protesters who tromped all over Mr. Baer's personal property - and with 500 people milling around this not terribly large front yard, probably tromped all over some neighbor's property as well.

BigGovernment brings up other issues, and journalist and Baer neighbor, Nina Easton, was there and calls it what it was: a mob.

Megyn Kelly with Police Chiefs on SEIU Protests (video)

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