Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama Calls for "Hard Evidence" and then Suggests Reading HuffPo

Two amazing videos I'll point you to from Obama's commencement speech at the University of Michigan. In the first, he quotes deceased Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan saying: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Nevermind that he also said this week that he measures the progress of our economy by "a different pulse," or as my hubby says, "his own secret recipe."

 The White House Reads HuffPo

Then he calls for the citizenry to be better informed by seeking "hard evidence" rather than "assertions," yet he gauges our economy by "a different pulse." And to cap it off, he suggests reading the Wall Street Journal AND The Huffington Post for the "hard evidence." View that video here.

In the second video, Obama tells the graduating students that GOVERNMENT provides "life saving research," and "tantalizing economic growth," ( I think he said "tantalizing)."Leaves me speechless. We the People provide life saving research, not the government. And our economic growth is certainly not tantalizing.

Then listen as he talks about the dangers of too little government, and cites the example of the "lack of accountability on Wall Street, which nearly led to the collapse of our entire economy." Oddly, he doesn't mention Barney, or Chris or Freddie or Fannie - government all, which had everything to do with this country's financial meltdown. View the video here.

One thing Obama voters sadly didn't think about, was the damage this man could do when given a microphone, a teleprompter, a biased media, and a few retiring Supreme Court Justices.

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