Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Kathryn Rogers: Rush Marries Kathryn Rogers Next Week?

Rush has been dieting and losing weight - sure sign that something's up. I'm hearing that he will marry Kathryn Rogers in an "intimate" ceremony at his home, on the beach, at his North Palm Beach home. Here's bits and pieces of the news: (See June 1, 2010 updates below - 2 updates) Today's Update 6-5-10: The wedding is reportedly tonight, in Florida. Elton John will perform. The rehearsal dinner last night was a luau. Read the details here.

Rush Limbaugh and Kathryn Rogers

Rush is 59. Ms. Rogers, said to be a direct descendant of John Adams, is 33. She was or is a party planner for the South Florida Super Bowl host committee.

Rogers and Rush met in 2004. At that time, she worked for golfer Gary Player. Rush was a celebrity guest at the tournament. The gossip is that Rush was in the middle of a divorce from 'Marta.' Rogers and Rush began dating after the Rush-Marta divorce in summer 2007.

Remember the "heart attack" Rush had in Hawaii last January? He was there to meet Kathryn's parents.

Rush Limbaugh's Home

Zev Chafets new book about Rush says the Limbaugh estate is a five-house compound - ocean front, of course. The main house is 24,000 sq. ft. The additional four homes are for guests. The property includes a private beach and a putting green. Read the entire story at Jose Lambiet's Page 2 Live.

If this story is true, I wish Rush and Ms. Rogers every happiness. It cannot be easy to be married and be Rush Limbaugh, and it cannot be easy to be married to Rush - not because of Rush's personality, but because he is a huge talent who knows what he is talking about, is insightful beyond any norm - and thus is a target of every Liberal, all of whom want to be him,  can't get to first base and settle for an unattractive shade of green adorning their faces. God bless you Rush and God bless your marriage.

Photo credit: Jose Lambiet's Page 2 Live

June 1, 2010: 
Well if Limbaugh and Rogers married, we don't know it. An article in Politico in November 2009 said the wedding was set for July 4th. So a few more weeks and we'll see. I think a July 4th wedding is a date Rush would love. OR...

Just saw on Rush's website an announcement that he will be off the show beginning Thursday, until Tuesday, June 15th. No other information. This must be it.

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