Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Solyndra Solar Plant Union Workers Lose Pay while Obama Visits

Gotta love this. Union workers at the Solyndra Plant in Freemont, California were sent home from work as Obama visited the green plant today chosen because it  benefited from taxpayer stimulus funds. Workers were told not to come back until tomorrow (Thursday) and KRON4 says the workers will lose a days pay. The "workers" are "bummed." They want to meet the President.

Solyndra received the first loan guarantee from a Department of Energy program designed to create green job. The plant produces "tube-shaped think-film solar panels. At the time of the plant groundbreaking in September 2009, Joe Biden said the factory would "reduce carbon emissions equivalent to pulling some 25 millions cars off the road." On Solyndra's website, they claim the plant will produce enough solar panels over their lifetime to cut over 350 million metric tons of C)2 emissions or 850 million barrels of oil."

We all know if the "workers" make enough noise, Obama will order them paid. Afterall, our American President has "absolute power."

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