Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brewer Gets to Meet Obama: Brewer Illegal Alien Video - Hilarious

President Obama has agreed to let Arizona Governor Jan Brewer meet with his One-ness this Thursday, June 3rd. Lucky, lucky girl. Brewer has been trying to get Obama or anyone in his administration to talk to her about the Arizona law, which neither Obama or "his people" have read but have mischaracterized over and over - and threatened to sue. They have willingly mischaracterized the bill, and thusly lied.

Jan Brewer

Obama has not refused to meet with Brewer, he has simply ignored her. She requests a meeting, a phone call, a response to her letters. He ignores her.

Stanford at Blog@MoreWhat put up the following video sanctioned by and paid for by Governor Jan Brewer, and sends out her message loud and clear.

Governor Jan Brewer's Classic Video on Illegal Alien Law (video)

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