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Can we Bork Elena Kagan? Kagan says she loved Borking of Robert Bork

 When President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork for the U.S. Supreme Court, one of the most offensive and dishonest assaults against a man by the U.S. Government was launched, and Ted Kennedy hurled the first and immediate lethal blows. Kennedy's successful telling of lies about Judge Bork from the floor of the U.S. Senate was wildly successful, and it was one of the most shameful days in the history of American government. Elena Kagan, Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, "loved" borking Bork. She considers the slanderous lies a demonstration of constitutional democracy. See the video below.

Ronald Reagan and Robert Bork

As Ted Kennedy walked to the microphone, he couldn't guess that that he would become known for this day - not as well known as for the unpunished murder of Mary Jo Kopechne on that night on Martha's Vineyard, but this day, and this attack on Robert Bork would become his "other" legacy - and he needed another legacy badly.

Kennedy told lie after lie about Robert Bork, and so the term "borking" became a new verb. These lies are what Elena Kagan refers to in the video below, the method of treatment of SCOTUS nominees she believes is the best thing to ever happen to a constitutional democracy. Kagan "loved" the Bork hearings - "they were great, they were educational...."

Judge Bork said there was not a line in Kennedy's senate floor speech about his nomination that was accurate. When Ted Kennedy died, The Economist said Bork was right but..."it worked." How astounding is it that a publication with the reputation of The Economist would blithely chuckle - "it worked?"

How appalling our government and the free press has become. America elected Barack Obama because they thought he was a good speaker, and, of course, Ted Kennedy was known as the Lion of the Senate and praised for his oratory skills. Obama now, and Kennedy then, were and are a pox on this nation.

As we try to survive this administration, there is one thing we must not forget: all constitutional democracies are not equal: Among constitutional democracies are Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey - not shining examples of real democracy.

With every candidate we consider in the November elections, we must determine just what a constitutional democracy means to him/her. Is his vision that of originalism, as was Bork's - holding to what the Founders agonized about, sacrificed for, and prayed over, or does it mean, silencing the Internet and radio to deny a voice to a political party you differ with, or growing the government and destroying the private sector and the life blood of America, redistributing wealth to deal the final death knell to private enterprise, and backing Massachusetts school's decision to distribute condoms to elementary students, and deny parents the right to do a gosh darned thing about it?

The thing is, the silence of the missing angry roar of the teachers and their union is deafening. This is happening in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Will Republicans think to ask Kagan her definition of a constitutional democracy? Does it include obliterating parental rights?

I want to see some borking coming out of the Republican side of the Senate. They can start now and not let up until they have shown every wart and pimple in Ms. Kagan's career. From what I've seen, there will be no reason for lies.

Linked by the Yakima Examiner, with a good article on Kagan, a video of Newt Gingrich on Kagan, and a wonderful quote from Bork: "The truth is that the judge who looks outside the constitution always looks inside himself and nowhere else."

Elena Kagan "loved" the borking of Robert Bork (video)

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