Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elin Nordgren Divorces Tiger: Elin Woods $750 Million Settlement

The early reports that Elin was positioning for a $750 million divorce settlement were spot-on. Elin is divorcing Tiger Woods, and he is banned from bringing skanky or non-skanky women around her children. Watch for updates.

Elin Nordgren Woods

This report says she has "sole physical custody" but they will split legal custody of their two children. There will be no women around her children until and unless Tiger marries, and in her lifetime or his, she cannot speak of the girlfriends and her ex's repugnant behavior - no interviews, no books, no TV appearances at anytime, even if Tiger meets his demise first.

I'm betting Tiger will be back with Rachel Uchitel before his next tee time.

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