Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From Day One of Oil Spill See Obama's Schedule: The Many Ways to Contemplate a Fix for the Oil Spill

I found this video at ConservativePerspective via Amusing Bunni's (who shows you what a real post turtle looks like - you know you want to know). The vid is extremely well done, and makes the point simply. Obama's schedule during the first 38 days of the spill is plainly laid out, including at least six rounds of golf, if he only played 18 each time. It is apparent that there are many ways to contemplate a fix for the Gulf oil spill. See the video below.

Obama's Contemplating Fix for BP Oil Spill at Felipe Calderon Party

There was also time for basketball, the gym, two vacations and numerous White House parties in this 38 days. Felipe Calderon's party was quite a bash. Obama's "stash" paid for it.  Clifton at Another Black Conservative has great commentary and links to more photos. When I say the party must have been extraordinary, this photo might explain:

Felipe Calderon Party in White House "tent"

Obama's Schedule from Day One during Oil Spill (video)

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