Wednesday, June 2, 2010

George Bush Al Gore: Bush Blamed for Gore's Separation - I Have the Real Story

Al Gore never did get over losing the presidential election to Bush in 2000. Everything began to go wrong from that point. Bush made Al blow-up and pack on the pounds. A close friend of the Gore's, columnist Sally Quinn, said the election might have done the marriage "irreparable harm." Neither Al or Tipper will ever "get over" winning the popular vote but losing the election, she said.

Al and Tipper Gore
Election by the Electoral College is not a new thing. Surely the Gore's knew the Electoral College is the "decider," and it's Constitutional. NewsBusters quotes Washington Post's Sharyl Attkisson saying "while Gore was out fighting global warming, Tipper was cooling."

In my original post on the separation, (in case you missed it) I reported the real reason for the split (don't ask about my source - I promised anonymity): I heard Tipper left him for bringing copious amounts of hot air into the marriage. She was forced to use an inhaler. Al was cruel beyond belief, and insisted she wear green - all the time. When she refused to let him bring the Nobel to bed with them, that did it. She filed claiming irreconcilable carbon credits.

Nevertheless, a writer at Salon is having a tough time handling the news of the break-up. She doesn't know the Gore's, but, well...it "scares the bejesus" out of her. Madeline Holler at Strollerderby, noted that the Gore's were "polished but flawed." 'Polished?' Al and Tipper 'polished.' The 'flawed' part, according to Holler is Tipper's depression and his 'drugs and drunk-driving.' Reeeaaaalllly? Yes, and they were also "cool." Tipper "played the drums," they played the Grateful Dead and best of all, "they recycled," - even back then.

Sorry, I had to take a break to find a Kleenex.

Well, I just do not believe George W. Bush broke-up the Gore's marriage. This is just too sad and depressing. Gosh, now I'm thinking about Barack and Michelle. Can this happen to them? This will ruin my entire day. I need more Kleenex. Can't wait to hear who gets the Montecito house.

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