Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jonathan Hunt Responsible for Mosab Yousef's Handler Coming to US? Yousef in Court Today

In this video interview with Shep Smith and reporter Jonathan Hunt took place yesterday, the 29th, and includes comments from Mosab Yousef and his handler, Gonen Ben-Itzak. Mosab is in court this morning. Also, very interesting that Shep says to Hunt:

Jonathan Hunt
 I'm told you persuaded his Israeli Secret Service agent to go public in support for Mosab."
If Hunt was involved with bringing Captain G to the U.S. that is incredible. The Fox reporters are mountain-tops above the rest of the media.

At Save Mosab Yousef, we have been told yesterday Shep Smith mentioned that the Immigration Court was moved to a "desert" location for security. We cannot confirm that, but have had two unrelated reports. Mosab is either in Court this minute, or perhaps it is now over (court would have convened one hour ago). Stay tuned for the "verdict," and if you hear the news first, let us know. Cross-posted from SaveMosabYousef.

Shep Smith and Jonathan Hunt with Mosab Yousef (video)

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