Monday, June 14, 2010

Mark Levin Alvin Greene: Jim Clyburn - Greene is a Democrat Plant: Clyburn calls for DOJ Investigation

Mark Levin, the Great One, interviewed Alvin Greene the very controversial Democrat who won the South Carolina Senate primary. Greene, reportedly a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science, defeated his Democrat opponent, Vic Rawl, who is a judge and a former South Carolina state lawmaker. Some think he won because his name starts with an "A." South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn thinks Greene is a Republican plant. He has asked DOJ to investigate. Yeah, he really did. See videos below.

Alvin M. Greene

Greene might be controversial for several reasons. First might be that he is charged with showing obscene photos to a female student, Camille McCoy, inside the computer lab of the University of South Carolina. Felony charges are pending. Greene won't talk about it. The girl has. See the second video below.

Greene, 32, was honorably discharged from the military, but involuntarily. He is a veteran of 13 years in the Air Force and the Army. He "left" the Air Force in August 2009. Greene won't talk about his military service.

Off topic, but oh well...this sounds like the flip side of Michelle Obama's law license.  All evidence indicates Michelle voluntarily rendered her law license inactive under Rule 770-771 and avoided disciplinary action, possibly disbarment. In the event she wants her license back, she has to begin the process of a "hearing and review" again.

Back to Alvin Greene.

An embarrassed Democrat party says Greene is a Republican plant. Levin pushes him on it and he says he has been a Democrat all of his life and is definitely not a Republican plant. Democrat Congressman James Clyburn, who is always good for a few laughs, and a couple of barf bags each year, has asked the Department of Justice to investigate. Actually, that's no laughing matter because the DOJ is as corrupt and partisan as Code Pink. Maybe we should be concerned.

No one knows where he got the money to run. He says he saved the $10,440 filing fee by saving two years of his military pay.  Levin asks him about it and he repeats that he saved in while enlisted. He didn't campaign, doesn't have a website - or a cell phone. He had no consultants and didn't plant a single yard sign...has $114 in the bank, but won the primary.

Now this is just a rumor. I saw a comment somewhere which shall remain anonymous, who said Greene worked for him in the Air Force and his discharge was an Administrative discharge - saying that Greene was incompetent and couldn't accomplish the simplest of tasks. That's a relief. Greene should do just fine on the Democrat side of the Senate.

In November, Greene will run against Republican icon, Senator Jim DeMint, one of the finest souls in the Senate - actually in the entire city of Washington, D.C. The Washington Post muses that Greene won the primary because his first name, Alvin, starts with an "A." Let the circus begin.

Mark Levin, The Great One, and Alvin Greene (video)

Camille McCoy talks about Alvin Greene (video)

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