Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mexico Matricular Cards Catalina Island: Mexico Issues Matriculars to Illegals

I'm not sure of the full scope or meaning of this, but Mexico has opened an office on Catalina Island to issue "matricular cards" to Mexicans their whether legal or illegal. The L.A. office issued a fliwe announcing the new office located at the Catalina Island Country Club.

Mexican Matricular Card High Security

Mexican Matricular Card Low Security

A "matricular card" is issued officially through the Mexican government. I'll repeat, the Mexican government does not discriminate. The cards are issued to any Mexican, legal or illegal. I don't think they ask if the person receiving the card is a criminal. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) says Catalina Island is in his district and these cards "will exacerbate an already dangerous situation."

After 9/11, when the Mexican government realized amnesty was not going to happen, they began to lobby Congress to make the matricular card a viable avenue for illegals (let's face it - legals do not need a matricular card, or any assistance from the Mexican government.
In 2004, Congress voted down a motion to prevent financial institutions from accepting these matricular cards for securing a loan. So apparently there is a ruse that these cards, also known as a CID, actually mean something. But...but...banks love this, and have given it a name, the "Hispanic Banking Initiative."
In America's southwest, the use of this form of i.d. has become pandemic. It is accepted at major banks for opening a new account, recognized by many local police departments as a legitimate form of i.d., and is even deemed suitable for the purpose of obtaining a driver's license in several states.
Disappointingly, elected officials from both parties are seeking to expand the acceptance of the Matricular Consular. One obvious reason is that Mexican citizens working in the U.S. transfer an estimated $12 to 13 billion annually back to their home nation. They also open bank accounts here to facilitate these transfers.
Shocking to me, is that beautiful Catalina Island is now a drug smuggling and human trafficking haven - and we are letting the Mexican government give aid and comfort and methods of deception to illegal aliens.

Nancy Pelosi is a major supporter of matricular cards. Republicans in Congress must seek out a way to hold lawbreakers responsible. It is time to take Congressional lawbreakers to court for crimes against the people, and thwarting our Rule of Law. The fact that we allow the Mexican government to issue these cards on our own soil is ridiculous.

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