Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nancy Pelosi gets Biblical

Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets Biblical in this video. Like most Liberals, she tells us The Word, Jesus Christ, "covers everything." "Fill it in with anything you want."

Nancy Pelosi

I believe Jesus Christ, The Word Made Flesh, does cover everything. The questions is, do we strive to actually follow His Word? When he examines our heart, will He us see us doing what we want and think we need, rather than following The Way? I believe Christ forgives, and forgives and forgives...no matter what we do, when we ask His forgiveness, but the question is, when we ask for forgiveness is it honest? The Word Made Flesh knows.

Pelosi supports abortion and late-term abortion. Surely Jesus does not support abortion. Pelosi supports voter fraud and intimidation. Surely Jesus does not support voter fraud and/or intimidation. Pelosi supports  deception in the legislation she has the privilege to provide for our Nation. Surely Jesus does not support our country's leaders deceiving the people. And let's not forget that she lies relentlessly.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Biblical: "The Word" covers everything - Nancy Gets Biblical (video)

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