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Pam Geller at NYC Ground Zero Mosque Protest: Mega Mosque D-Day Protest in NYC

Blogger in my region was down last night and through much of today, so I'm just now getting information on this critical story posted. A D-Day New York City protest against the mega-mosque, also known as the Ground Zero mosque, drew 8,000 New Yorkers (or more). The Burlington Coat Factory building has been purchased and will either be renovated or demolished and a 15-story building will replace it. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks this mosque is very cool for his city.

New York Protests Ground Zero Mosque at Corner of Church and Liberty

The Ground Zero mosque, if allowed, will reportedly look down over the site of the 9/11 Memorial, if it ever gets built.
Mosque Near Ground Zero

New York City has been raging over this huge mosque and Islamic center planned for a remodeled building damaged by the 9/11 attacks. That's how close the Burlington Building is to the Trade Center site. According to Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs:
There is a large piece of an airplane in that building. That is a war memorial. Instead of a mega mosque at ground zero, let's build a 911 war memorial to the victims. The current plan for a 911 museum is several floors underground, like a dungeon. And the mosque plan calls for the mosque to be on the top floor, looking down triumphantly on the burial ground of Ground Zero. 
Some say the airplane part from United Flight 175 was there, but is no longer there. It is/was an airplane landing gear assembly that shot through the roof and through two floors of The Burlington Coat Factory, located at 45 Park Place.

Whatever the case today, whether it is there now, or not, the fact remains that a mega-mosque this close to the 9/11 Memorial is simply disrespectful and unacceptable.

Geller says she and Robert Spencer, with their organization Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), will sue to turn the building into a war memorial.

Pam Geller with photo of United Flt. 175 airplane part

This from Looking at the Left:

Pamela Geller, the co-founder of Stop Islamization of America, speaks passionately about jihad, sharia, and why the idea of a mosque in this spot is so wrong.
“We are here today in honor of D-Day, when the Allied Forces began to defeat Nazism. And the symbolism should not be lost. Not only should the symbolism not be lost, but we’re on the corner of Church and Liberty.
Ground Zero is a war memorial. Ground Zero is a burial ground…We are asking for sensitivity…
This is part of the plane that went into the Trade Center, that’s in the Burlington Coat Factory (the building that was bought with mysterious funding for the mosque). Designate it as a historic landmark, like Pearl Harbor. We are going to sue the U.S. Government to get a designation of war memorial status.”
The first video below is Pam's appearance on CNN yesterday (Sunday) to discuss the Ground Zero mosque. First you will see a New York City counsel meeting debating the proposed 15-story mosque. You'll see Pam addressing the crowd, then the video moves to her interview. I cannot identify the interviewer. After Pam, a Muslim attorney invokes the name of Jesus, and says the mega-mosque will welcome all people to come use their pool. Right! the second video is a shot of the crowd. Visit Atlas Shrugs for the full story.

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