Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pelosi Heckled: Nancy Pelosi Americas Future Now Code Pink Conf Heckled - Relentlessly

How refreshing is this? The heckling goes on and on as Pelosi speaks to America's Future Now, a progressive group...the evening said to be hosted by Code Pink. Confusion reigned. She was heckled relentlessly. Hear one of her aides say, "They're throwing stuff. We need to leave."She doesn't leave. See two videos below.

Nancy Pelosi

You'll hear protesters beg for funding for their states, and if I understand this correctly, they love the progressive freebies coming courtesy of taxpayers, but they want more money to flow.

FireDogLake reports this:
OK, so I got a little more information on the nature of the protest. The group ADAPT, which fights for the rights of the disabled, organized it. Madeleine McMahon, an activist with ADAPT, told me that Speaker Pelosi has refused to support the Community Choice Act (HR1670), which would remove a mandate in Title XIX of the Social Security Act that all states receiving Medicaid funding provide nursing home services, making community-based alternatives optional. 2/3 of federal dollars for long term care in Medicaid must support nursing homes under current law.

Pelosi Listens to Protester (video)
Pelosi heckled by her adoring fans (video)

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