Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarah Palin Tells O'Reilly He is Wrong Video: Sarah on Obama Oil Czar Cap and Tax Speech

O'Reilly asks Sarah Palin if she had a "big beef" with the President's speech tonight. Her answer: "I kinda have a big beef with you too, Bill if you don't acknowledge that Obama is wrong on his call for a need for energy policy. We see a pattern here: everyone thinks O'Reilly is more wrong than he is right these days. See the video

Sarah Palin

Bill had to pretended he didn't feel that verbal knife, expertly wielded by by one of the few public personalities who does know something about energy,  knows many others who know more, and competently points out that Obama knows squat and showed it tonight.

O'Reilly works till to a sweat to keep Obama seeing The Factor as the only on-air Fox option for his regime.  He worked just as hard to recover from Palin's scathing assessment of the Oil Czar Speech with the focus on new Cap and Tax, as well as his own lame view. Fortunately for Bill, he was off camera more than he was on.

Sarah Palin tells O'Reilly he is Wrong (video)

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