Friday, June 25, 2010

Saudi Women to Breastfeed Adult Men in Exchange for Right to Drive

In the bizarre Muslim news world, you may have heard of various fatwas calling for Saudi women to breastfeed the grown men in their lives who are not "kin." Believe it or not, it's true, but that's not where the story ends. See a video below.

Saudi Women

The first fatwa came in 2007. An Egyptian at the Al Azhar University apparently couldn't get as close to the women around him, and issued a fatwa "calling upon women to breastfeed their male colleagues." This would create a "maternal bond," dontcha know. After an unknown time at the breast, the man becomes a brother or son.

Three years later, the fatwa is back again, and Saudi women are actually considering it, much to the chagrin of Saudi males.

Saudi women are forbidden to drive, so the ladies have threatened to "breastfeed their drivers," if not allowed to drive themselves. If that isn't desperate, I don't what is. The visual is just too, too....?

Obviously there are some problems, and one that I can think of that isn't being mentioned: generally, women don't tote breast milk around with them unless they have small children - hopefully babies. So, assuming a woman has breast milk, will she have enough for the child(ren) and the grown guy? What if the soon-to-be-kin doesn't want to quit when she's had enough? If she doesn't have small children to breastfeed, what do the fatwa-issuers expect the woman to do? Snap her fingers nipples and command the milk?

This blog quotes some Saudi women and sheds a light on some of the complications of this fatwa:
"I have not breastfed my own children. How do you expect me to do this with a foreign man? What is this nonsense?" she said.
Another woman said the fatwa should also apply to the husbands who should be breastfed by housemaids. By doing so, all will be brothers and sisters," she said
Saudi writer Suzan Al Mashhadi sarcastically asked Al Obaikan: "Do the women have to breastfeed the driver in the presence of their husbands or can they do this alone?"
Muhammad must bear the blame for this because his wife, Aisha, was one little-breastfeeding mama (once she reached puberty, of course). Source: Middle East Forum, LATimes.

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