Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UN Security Councils Votes for Sanctions on Iran

The U.N. Security Council just passed a resolution for stricter sanctions against Iran. Twelve countries voted for fourth round sanctions. Turkey and Brazil voted against. There was one abstention. The abstaining country was not named.

U.N. Security Council

The downside is that Iran has promised to discontinue further nuclear talks if sanctions are imposed...bwahahahahahahhahahaha.

According to the BBC, there are "no crippling economic sanction," and "no oil embargo."
Those passed include prohibiting Iran from buying heavy weapons such as attack helicopters and missiles.
They also toughen rules on financial transactions with Iranian banks and increased the number of Iranian individuals and companies that are targeted with asset freezes and travel bans.
Al Jazeera English quotes Hillary Clinton saying the sanctions are "the most significant" ever against Iran. Now, see, that's the problem. We Mickey Mouse around and spread the sanctions out. One good, very tough sanction, in the beginning, would have had assured no nuclear program, and we wouldn't need a fourth round.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran's deals with Turkey and Brazil (who tried to help their nasty friend) might be off if the resolution passes. Brazil said the sanctions are counterproductive in three ways. Paraphrased they are:

1) will shut down the Turkey-Brazil adventure

2) will increase domestic support for Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard because the people will see major powers as treating Iran badly and

3) the economic sanctions will affect the leadership in many ways, but will not impede the development of nuclear power.

From the NYT:
The United States had sought broader measures against Iranian banks, its insurance industry and other trade, but China and Russia were adamant that the sanctions not affect the day-to-day economy.
No comment, however, on how a nuclear attack on Israel will affect the day-to-day economy there.

U.S. United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice showed up for this vote. When does the fifth round of U.N. sanctions begin?

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