Monday, July 5, 2010

Americans Don't Know Meaning of July 4th Independence Day

Via Twitter's pinnie99 comes this amazing Mark Dice video, which shows the stupidest of all the stupidest-people videos. So, the average 20-30-40-50-somethings do not know the name of the Secretary of Defense, or the Vice President, but the Fourth of July! What are we teaching? The Fourth of You Lie?

Just my opinion here, but I think questions about our founding and the Founding Fathers should be a part of every test for a driver's license, a food handler's license, every marriage license - City Hall, State or Federal exam for a job opportunity, etc., etc. The story of how the Star Spangled Banner was written should be among the questions. This is so disgraceful.

Mark Dice - Americans Don't Know the Meaning of July 4th (video)

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